Our Story

Our Story

Style Dots was born out of friendship -- friends that met through their careers as direct selling sales representatives. We are blessed to say that our direct selling career made a huge impact on us personally and on our family's financial lives. We would talk for hours about what our dream company would look like if we had the chance! We wanted to share the amazing benefits of having a direct selling career with others and when that chance arrived Style Dots was born! We would love to share these amazing benefits with you!

Style Dots History


Karen Green and Gina Smith met and become instant friends
Each separately built multi-million dollar direct sales teams


Style Dots officially launches with 50 Boutique Partners
Sold Original 12mm snap jewelry
1st Catalog had 20 pages
Moved from a garage to our first warehouse


Introduced 30mm Statement Dots
1st National Sales Conference
2nd Catalog with 66 pages
Moved to expanded, larger warehouse


Introduced 14mm Style Squares
Catalog grows to 80 pages


Exclusive recessed setting developed and released
Release Couture Dots with Swarovski Crystals
Launched Giving Circle charity arm of company


Dot Reveals begin offering fun, mystery jewelry surprises
Style Dots Live begin broadcasting every Tuesday night on our Facebook Page


Dot Club jewelry subscription program begins providing exclusive snap jewelry every month


Introduced 8mm Dotlet size for simple, minimalist jewelry lovers
1st of 7 US patents awarded giving Style Dots exclusive, protected snap jewelry processes and designs


New exclusive products offered every week met with rave reviews
Received our one-millionth order


Reintroduced Gemma dainty jewelry and layering pieces
Launched Reveal Packs with jewelry surprises valued at up to $500